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Empowered Parents, Confident Kids

Crewe Workshop- March 12th 2020

Cheshire College - South & West - Crewe Campus

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Learn how to help your children grow up to be confident adults at this powerful workshop.

Learn how to help yourself and your children to turn anxiety to confidence and stress to calm instantly, using some incredible techniques and strategies.

You will learn:

– Fast strategies to release stress, anxiety and anger instantly and
how to replace them with sense of calm, peaceful confidence.

– Where emotions come from and how to help your children to
change their mindset (and how to change your own)

– How to help your children to build real self-esteem and confidence
(and how to build your own)

– How to help your children build confidence in specific areas- e.g.
exams, social situations, sports performance

– Easy mindfulness and meditation methods that simplify the
process and produce real results

Liam and Benjamin (also known as The Mindful Gents) are both highly experienced coaches who have extensive experience working with young people. They both have backgrounds in education and have worked with a wide range of ages from primary school to college.

Liam is a Manchester/Cheshire based mind coach and hypnotherapist who specialises in helping children and adults to turn anxiety to confidence and to build self-esteem, using cutting edge techniques and strategies.

Benjamin is a Staffordshire/Cheshire based success coach who specialises in helping people to shift their mindset in order to change their lifestyle, wellbeing and also to achieve goals and ambitions.

If you want your children to grow up to be fully confident adults with high self-esteem and would also like to learn about how to take charge of your own wellbeing, this workshop is not to be missed!

Tickets: £15

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