About us

Mental Health & Wellbeing Experts for Schools & Colleges

Inspiring Confidence & Wellbeing for Life for Students and Staff

We take care of your wellbeing needs, allowing pupils and staff to release stress and anxiety and inspiring a calm confidence

 Our work is tailored specifically to your student and staff wellbeing needs. Our ultimate aims are to help pupils & staff to understand their emotions better, release stress and anxiety and to teach them new strategies and techniques that are simple and really work. By transforming the way your staff deal with stress and anxiety, we aim to improve behaviour, reduce stress & anxiety, dramatically reduce absence and exclusion rates and to promote a calmer, happier working environment for students and staff.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the solutions to  behaviour and mental health issues need not be complex. Through a multi-faceted approach via education of staff and management, reform of existing practices and structures, we believe positive change can take place extremely quickly.

Student wellbeing is now high on the agenda for many schools & colleges, but we understand that every establishment is unique and therefore our structure is very flexible in order to ensure the best results for your establishment.

We offer a number of different flexible packages, including access to online wellbeing resources, practical workshops, support for management and also a comprehensive wellbeing monitoring and assessment system.

Our Team

Liam and Benjamin have been close friends for over 6 years & have a huge range of skills and experience between them. Their skills and expertise compliment each other and ensure that your wellbeing needs are in excellent hands.

Liam Hand


Liam is a natural teacher and communicator whose passion is inspiring people to transform their mental health and wellbeing by providing new knowledge and teaching simple yet incredibly effective techniques and strategies that are at the cutting edge of therapy and coaching.

Liam’s goal is to find the fastest way to help people to change anxiety, stress and fear into a calm, authentic confidence that maximises their productivity and performance.

Liam is a qualified primary school teacher and has been a practising, successful hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner for 6 years. He is passionate about helping people to produce rapid change in their mental health and also teaching them about the transformative effects of TFT tapping (Thought Field Therapy) and many other incredible techniques.

He has been hosting a meditation and mindfulness group in his local area since last year and has facilitated many successful wellbeing workshops for groups and companies in the last 3 years.

Liam lives near Manchester and enjoys playing and watching sport in his spare time, as well as reading, travelling and going for walks in nature.


Benjamin Stubbs


Benjamin is someone who walks his talk- he is the author of two personal development books and has practised meditation and mindfulness for over 10 years. 

Benjamin has been running and teaching workshops on wellbeing for over a decade and countless young people have benefited from his wisdom in his 8 years as a college tutor.

A charismatic speaker and communicator, he is also a seasoned actor, singer & performer, having taken a number of lead roles in musicals in the Cheshire and Staffordshire area in the past few years.

Benjamin lives in Staffordshire and loves nothing more than to help people to find a new understanding of their emotions and to transform the way they feel through the simple yet incredibly effective methods he teaches that have worked so well in his personal life. 

He is also a weather enthusiast and a prolific drinker of jingly teas. He enjoys walking in nature in his local area. He can regularly be seen at organic health food shops and receiving pyramidal memories transmutation at mind body and spirit festivals.

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