Empowering young people, staff & parents with a Fresh, Creative & Fun approach to Wellbeing

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Wellbeing Workshops & Training for Parents

Our Fresh Approach

We believe positive change can happen fast- in both individuals and educational establishments

We like to keep things simple- a new approach to student & staff wellness doesn't need to be complicated

We provide your students & with a new understanding of stress and mental health

We allow your students & staff to turn stress & anxiety to a calm confidence by teaching the latest cutting edge techniques & strategies

Who we are

Liam Hand

COnfidence coach & Hypnotherapist

Liam is passionate about sharing techniques & strategies that work incredibly quickly to enhance wellbeing and emotional health. Liam is a qualified primary school teacher & has worked in a wide range of primary and secondary schools, helping them to find solutions to wellbeing & behaviour challenges.  He also works with one to one clients in his successful Manchester hypnotherapy & coaching practice.

Benjamin Stubbs

Author & Wellbeing & Mindfulness coach

Benjamin is the author of two personal development books and has felt incredible benefits in his own life from pracitising meditation & mindfulness for many years. Benjamin is an experienced college tutor and has successfully worked with teenagers for many years.