Empowering Staff with a Fresh, Creative & Fun approach to Wellbeing

We take care of your staff wellbeing needs

Workshops, training & support for schools & colleges

We offer online courses & resources for individuals

Our Fresh Approach

We believe positive change can happen fast- in both individuals and companies

We like to keep things simple- a new approach to staff wellness doesn't need to be complicated

We provide your staff with a new understanding of stress and mental health

We allow your staff to turn stress & anxiety to a calm confidence by teaching the latest cutting edge techniques & strategies

Who we are

Liam Hand

COnfidence coach & Hypnotherapist

Liam is passionate about sharing techniques and strategies that work incredibly quickly to enhance wellbeing and emotional health. He works with one to one clients in his successful Manchester hypnotherapy and coaching practice.

Benjamin Stubbs

Author & Wellbeing & Mindfulness coach

Benjamin is the author of two personal development books and has felt incredible benefits in his own life from pracitising meditation & mindfulness for many years.